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California United Water Coalition


The California United Water coalition was formed to solve California’s water reliability issues. Decades ago, California policymakers made decisions that have created water scarcity. In addition to climate change and drought periods, California lawmakers, appointed regulators and past Governors have decided to shift water from communities, families, farms, and people to special interest priorities.

Complex Problem

California has not invested in water infrastructure since the early 1970’s. Meanwhile the state’s population has doubled. In addition, in 2011 groundwater regulations and restrictions were put into place, limiting water access for millions of Californians and family farms.

Many ballot propositions have come and gone, intended to help fund water infrastructure investments. With billions of taxpayer dollars spent, the result is still no new water infrastructure projects. As far as the Groundwater Sustainability Act, the current plan to solve groundwater issues is to take out one-million acres of San Joaquin Valley farmland out of production. This will of course devastate local communities, the economy, and create a dustbowl that we have not seen for almost a century.

The California United Water Coalition efforts to educate, inform, engage, and defend require your financial support. Your participation matters.


The California United Water Coalition believes there is a better solution. Water must be managed in a way that is beneficial for all Californians, not just special interest groups. Burdens and regulations that make sound management decisions impossible must be lifted or changed. Additional storage must be completed immediately to increase storage capacity. The conveyance system must be improved to move water from Northern California to Central and Southern California when water is available, and not on historical operations protocols.

California groups have formed throughout the state and are actively working on both short, and long-term solutions. We are interested in working with all these groups and realize that collaboration is critical to once-and-for-all, solve California water issues. Historically, Californians have solved complex water issues before and we can do it again. We look forward to working with all interested parties on the ultimate solution.