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California United Water Coalition (CUWC)

California United Water Coalition (CUWC) was founded in 2022 by several multi-generational family farmers, small business owners, and concerned citizens. This group understands the need for water and the impact water scarcity has on their communities, families, and most importantly, their children. CUWC believes California’s water scarcity problems are a direct result of the State’s water mismanagement, special interest groups influence, and lack of water-infrastructure investments.

Located in Madera, California, the California United Water Coalition’s main purpose is to protect California water rights, ensure water access for all Californians, and defend against unequitable water allocations, rates, and charges.

Board of Directors

Mark Nakata, President
Mark is a fifth-generation farmer and agricultural business owner. His great-great grandfather immigrated from Japan to the United States in the late 1800’s. The Nakata farming operation has changed and evolved over time and now focuses on innovation and scientific applications that improve soil health, crop performance, and water-efficiency.

In addition to his family farming operations, Mark owns and operates Agri-Solutions

Ralph Pistoresi