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A Very Wet Winter Has Eased California’s Drought, but Water Woes Remain

March 17, 2023
New York Times March 17, 2023 Torrential rain and snow have again drenched California in…

Notice: Recharge and Store Groundwater

March 13, 2023
WATER & NATURAL RESOURCES NEWS Special Edition, March 10, 2023 By order of the Governor,…

Some San Joaquin Valley farmers are rebelling against groundwater measures

February 7, 2023
Click link below to read all the details Some San Joaquin Valley farmers are rebelling…

Researchers Propose a Plan for California’s Water Woes

February 3, 2023
Triple Pundit February 3, 2023 Water in the American West is making the news once…

Off the Beaten Path: The California Super Flood

June 27, 2022
PBS "Off the Beaten Path" Podcast June 27, 2022 On January 18th, 1862 it started…