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For over fifty years, the State of California has failed to invest in water infrastructure. As a result, Californians have had to reduce their demand, curtail water deliveries, put farmland out of production, and watch as millions of acre feet of water are released under the Golden Gate Bridge. We can do better.

Water plans and ballot propositions have come and gone, and we still have not built any storage, found new supply, restored habitat to address endangered species, or built a reliable and sustainable water supply. We can do better.

In addition, state-appointed –not elected– regulators have determined groundwater pumping restrictions, which have fallowed millions of acres productive farmland; and more is coming.

The California United Water Coalition was founded to educate, inform, engage, defend water rights, support water infrastructure projects, and encourage our policymakers to make better decisions. We need your support. Please consider joining our movement and making long-term water reliability the state’s top priority.