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  • My comment is that first of all,, I am very HURT by the Govenor of California whom shows Me how CRULE He is to the People of California and thus all of His Politickian goes first with the ISSUE the He wants to inflict harm and abuse upon all Residentes of The Red Bear State,,CA. Also my heart is pained of the the Water abuse by this wrecthed GOVENOR to abuse the waterflo of YOUR STATE, your home..

  • By the way I was attacked in my own HOME by my GAS STOVE,, about 1 month ago. The EMTs took me to the emergency room and I also filed a LAWSUIT in Court to sue my stove for one Million dollars plus incidental issues for greater comfort. My STOVE is counter sueing me INRE: my lawsuit was because of the harm done to me in the middle of the nite, Pray tell the stove wrote to the JUDGE and stated to the JUDGE that HE/SHE was now liberated and did not need to work in “MY” the kitchen anymore.


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